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Some Kids You Know Are Going to..............
...and You're Not Gonna Mind a Bit!

Our Youth Group is about to make some noise for impoverished children who have no voice. The experience is going to change how these teens view themselves and the world. They'll learn that they can make a positive difference by raising their voices... and for once people will actually thank them for being loud.

They plan to start this long journey of compassion by participating in the World Vision 30 Hour Famine. By going without food, they'll get a "taste" of what so many poverty-stricken children and families feel every day. They'll be pushed out of their comfort zones and gain a new perspective about a world that is in desperate need of help.

As they reach out to others, their compassion will grow and they'll be inspired to spend their lives reaching out to their global neighbors at home and abroad. They'll see the world through new eyes- Christ's. But this can only happen if you agree to sponsor them with a generous donation.

Please help them by:

1) Praying for the Famine participants... and for the families throughout the world who so desperately need relief.

2) Supporting Famine participants with your time- volunteer to help. (See Jennifer to find out where you are needed.)

3) Supporting Famine participants with a donation. It's only through the gifts of caring people like you that Famine participants can raise a chorus of voices loud enough to be heard across the ocean.

Fighting global starvation is a winnable war!

Over 29,000 children die every day, most of them due to hunger and preventable diseases. That number is actually down from 35,000 just 10 years ago, thanks in large part to programs like World Vision's 30 Hour Famine.

More than one million young people in over 21 countries will participate in the 2002 30 Hour Famine. We're out to make a powerful noise that our global neighbors will hear clear across the ocean.

Donations to the 30 Hour Famine are tax deductible. A receipt will be given for gifts of $250 or more, or upon request. For lesser amounts, a canceled check serves as proof of donated funds and is accepted as such by the Internal Revenue Service.

Famine finds provide emergency relief, as well as long-term assistance, to help people overcome widespread poverty overseas and in the United States. Donations also support World Vision Christian witness projects around the world.

Here's how far your donation can go. . .

$3.00 Can get you a hamburger. . . or can provide a hungry family in Uganda with fruit tree seeds.

$26.00 Can provide dinner for five at a fast-food restaurant. . . or can provide food, shelter, clothing, and medical care for an orphan in Tanzania for one month.

$100.00 Can get you one home video game system. . . or can provide a struggling family in Honduras with 14 chickens and a rooster.

County Line's Famine will be February 22nd & 23rd

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Updated 01/31/02